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Wilder Lodge entrance Steve & Judy Cottingham are happy to host occasional concerts in their mountain lodge-style home called "Wilder Lodge", near Clemson in upstate South Carolina. Limited to 50 guests per concert, these not-for-profit events provide up-close and personal musical experiences with some of the best jazz, folk, rock, country, and contemporary songwriters in America.

Return of Wayne Gratz!

Our first artist, back in the summer of 2008, was our favorite composer/pianist Wayne Gratz. Now he is returning to perform music from his 2011 release, Four Steps to the Ocean, along with selections from his previous twelve albums. He was originally scheduled to perform on October 9, but the event was rescheduled due to sudden illness. The event will now take place on Sunday afternoon November 13 at 3 pm.

Wayne Gratz 2010 photo His latest album may contain some of his most beautiful music yet, although anyone who has heard any of his compositions agrees that they can listen to any of them for hours on end. This is truly richly composed, uplifting, de-stressing music.

On the Upcoming Artists page, you can listen to two tracks from this latest release. Also, you can view a video of Wayne performing a variation on A Search for Certainty from his album Soul to Soul.

Seats will be available for a suggested price of $15, with all proceeds going to the artist. We'll have plenty of hot and cold beverages for everyone.

Please reserve your seats early, as this is one event you will not want to miss!